Watershed is that land area which drains or contributes runoff to a common outlet. Watershed is defined as a geo-hydrological unit draining to a common point by a system of drains. All lands on earth are part of one watershed or other. Watershed is thus the land and water area, which contributes run off to a common point.

The project aims at developing water resources for the improvement of  agriculture unto the benefits of the rural areas and restoring ecological balance. Presently, our organization is implementing Watershed Projects in Birbhum and Purulia district in West Bengal and Pakur district in Jharkhand.   

We have successfully covered 12000 ha under watershed. We have completed Integrated Water Management Schemes (IWMS) in five villages of Shikaripara block of Dumka district in 2019. The total outlay of the projects for five villages is ` 67.2 lakh. We have completed the Capacity Building Phase (CBP) in Dharanipahar Watershed under Maheshpur block of Pakur district during this year and started Capacity Building Phase- the total outlay of the project is ` 12.53 Lakh. Two ongoing Kfw Soil Projects are – SEWOH Phase ll for Amjhari Watershed in Kathikund block and Dholpahari Watershed in Sariyahat block of Dumka district. The total grant assistances are ` 57.44 lakh and ` 57.13 lakh respectively. These two projects were started in 2019. The characteristics of these watersheds are unique in nature as because, it is not only storing water but also reducing soil erosion, saving agriculture land & recharge ground water. Apart from NABARD, the role of National Horticulture Mission (NHM) is also praiseworthy. NHM supplied saplings to the watershed area. It allows the growth of greenery which has a commercial value as timber at a later stage. We have made plantation of Arjun, Sonajhuri and Eucalyptus, Mango (Amrapali) orchard in watershed area.