• Organization received FCRA Registration on 21.09.2018.
  • Project sanction received for Gundoba CBP at Dubrajpur Block from NABARD.
  • Sanction received from NABARD for Pre-CBP activities for Baramesa Watershed Development Project at Rajnagar Block.
  • Micro-finance activities expanded to Nalhati & Murarai blocks.
  • Sanction to ASSN for Implementation of Integrated Water Management Scheme (IWMS) under WDF in 5 villages (Balijore, Chakatla, Gujjishimal, Indarboni, Murlipahari) of Shikaripara block of Dumka.
  • NABARD sanctioned WADI project for Rampurhat-1 block.
  • Organization promoted FPO – “Srijoni Green” received prize from Hon’ble Agriculture Marketing Minister Mr. Arup Roy for its notable performance during the State Credit Seminar of NABARD.