• Program intervention with SHG bank linkage into a New State – Jharkhand with support from NABARD. Project Office opened at Ranishwar of Dumka district to work for Jharkhand.
  • Swachha Bharat Mission Program launched in support with Md. Bazar Panchayat Samity – successfully constructed 580 sanitary latrines in 14 villages of Md. Bazar block in two years.
  • Our organization is entrusted by NABARD to play the role of POPI (Producer Organization Promoting Institutions) for formation and nurturing the Producer Organization in the district of Birbhum.
  • 40 Farmers Clubs are connected with the farmers’ producer organization to form a Farmers Club Federation Trust named as Srijoni Uttaran Farmers Club Federation Trust acknowledged and backed by NABARD as a Producer Organization.