Village: Kadamhir, Post : Nimdaspur, Birbhum, West Bengal, India, 731127

Corporate Identity Number : U01100WB2019PTC230373
  • Ø  Authorized Capital   : 30 Lakh
  • Ø  Paid up Capital        : 15 Lakh (As on January, 2020)
  • Ø  Turn Over               : 49.10 Lakh (31st March 2021)
  • Ø  Net Profit               : 4.69 Lakh (FY 2020-21)
  • Ø  Shareholders          : 1500


During the period year-2015, it was felt that farmers are not getting the expected yields and price for their produces. It is experienced that a class of traders are controlling the whole market economy of agri-produces. It is a vicious cycle and we have to find a way out by ourselves. It was decided to form Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) and make contacts with NABARD for necessary support and guidance. Farmers Club members also decided to constitute a FPO managed by women only and accordingly Trust Body members were identified to form an organization through process of several meetings and discussions. In this course of time, NABARD guided the FC members to formulate the aims, objectives and bye-laws of the Trust Act and supported to get it Registered under Trust Act as “SRIJONI UTTARAN FARMERS CLUB FEDERATION TRUST” which later on emerges to a Producer Company named – Gramsathi Agri Tech Producer Company Limited.

During the period year-2015, there is an attempt to form a Producer Organization with the help of NABARD. Srijoni Uttaran has been formed to take the challenges and brought the farmers under the umbrella of a Producer Organization with a view to ensuring them in getting fair prices of their produces and enabling them leading a better quality of life. The Producer Organization – Srijoni Uttoran thus constituted with 48 Farmers  Club members of 48 villages under 10 Gram Panchayats of 04 blocks in Birbhum district which later on emerged to a Producer Company named – Gramsathi Agri Tech Producer Company Limited. (GATPCL)

The primary object of GATPCL is to initiate a significant change in the lives of the poor farmers, artisans, porters and producers by empowering them especially women who are socially disadvantaged and economically  exploited. The Trust aims at providing different services of credit, backward and forward linkage to its members while involving the larger community in other aspects. GATPCL deals with the business of agro-input procurement and distribution, production related extension support, produce storage, processing, trading, packaging, branding, marketing and selling all auricular, grain, cereal, pulses and oil seed crops like rice, soybean, wheat, gram, maize, pigeon pea, pea, black and green gram, lentil, mustard, groundnut and in general all farm produces, all vegetable like tomato, potato, onion, chilly etc, all spices like coriander, turmeric, ginger, fruits and medical crops grown by its members. GATPCL is functioning as a Framers Producer Organization with active support and guidance from NABARD. Local Government Department is also co operating with the Producer Organization.  

Total Members = 148
2015-16 7.4%
Total Members = 269
2016-17 13.45%
Total Members = 624
2017-18 31.2%
Total Members = 1000
2018-19 50%
Total Members = 1500
2019-20 75%
Total Members = 1500
2020-21 75%
Total Members = 1500
2021-22 75%
Total Members = 1500
2022-23 75%