A total of 68 Farmers clubs are in operation under support of NABARD. These FCs have formed a federation to function under a common platform. These farmers’ clubs will play a pivotal role for technology dissemination by ensuring creative and active participation of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, NABARD, Banks and other stakeholders for need of the farming community. Out of 68 FC we have promoted 20 FC in Maheshpur, Pakur District, Jharkhand.
The inaugural functions of the FCs were organized at the respective villages. These programmes were attended by Bankers, DDM- NABARD, Agriculture Department etc. and emphasis has been given by all experts on rural livelihood improvement through sustainable agriculture and resource management. Concept and benefits of farmers’ clubs were briefed to al the villagers as also the way in which the villagers can utilise the role of FCs were narrated. Issues of Financial literacy, KCC, Crop insurance was also deliberated on these occasions. The villagers present in the programs had also been able to resolve some of their queries from the expert present on such occsions. Large numbers of farmers have attended the events.

We are maintaining every year “Meet the expert program” program and discuss various subjects e.g. SRI cultivation, Cow and Goat Vaccination, Sericulture, Mushroom. We organize one awareness program per farmers club in every year and general meeting for every month with regular follow-up for Bank transaction.